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Communicating with Success for Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders Includes:

Successful solutions for dealing effectively with emotional situations  

  · Anger    · Tears

  · Silence   · Denial

What to do during a confrontation

  • How to say what you  mean without getting caught in the emotional crossfire
  • How to respond when caught off guard
  • Confrontation and assertive communication that works
  • Dealing effectively with passive or aggressive people

Performance Improvement Plans

  • Separating fact from opinion
  • Do’s and don’ts of documentation
  • Setting goals that produce results
  • Determine if someone needs training, counseling or an attitude adjustment

 Phone, email, voicemail and face-to-face

  • How to get called back, not put off
  • Get responses to your emails NOW
  • Communicating in person, what NOT to do
  • Body language, tone, tempo how to ensure you’re communicating the right message

Identify your communication style and the best way to communicate with:

· Co-Workers    · Managers

· Employees      · Supervisors

· Clients             · Customers

Communicating with different and difficult people

  • Generational differences
  • Personality styles
  • Attitudes
  • Behaviors

“Is what I said what you heard?”

  • 5-techniques for clearer communication
  • When to listen
  • When to speak
  • When and how to interrupt

Controlling emotions and calmly responding with confidence when someone pushes your “hot-buttons”

  • How to stop and interrupt old communication patterns and respond with calm confidence
  • “Credibility Robbers” how to recognize and eliminate them from your life
  • Learn how to effectively defuse anger and calm people down

Presenting your ideas before your peers and supervisors

  • How to remain clear, concise and to the point and still be engaging and enjoyable
  • Powerful openings and closings
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