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Dawn Jones
CEO and Founder

Dawn Jones has had an exemplary career as a high-powered professional speaker, corporate trainer and leader. After more than 17 years spent climbing the corporate ladder, she knows the secrets to success inside out.


As a professional speaker and trainer for two international training companies, Dawn address eager audiences on communication, succeeding as women and dealing with negative attitudes. Her fast –paced delivery, sprinkled with meaningful stories and anecdotes, makes her one of the most stimulating and sought-after trainers in her specialty areas.


In 1991, she co-founded the CPR Training Center, served as vice-president for the next 17 years and is currently the president. Drawing on her communication and problem solving abilities, she expanded the company from zero to over 1000 corporate clients and increased sales 300% in three years. Over the years, she has created policies and procedures, trained office staff, developed and managed a customer service call center and established and implemented budgets.


For many years, Dawn was also an independent nationwide consultant and corporate speaker. She energized and inspired clients with her sessions on communication, managing goals and projects ad working with diverse personalities. She also authored and recorded CDs and made them available at her workshops, seminars retreats and onsite training sessions and online.


Most recently, Dawn drew on her advanced Toastmasters Skills to prepare and present business training for a wide television audience. Her monthly one-hour public television show reached about 65,000 households and over 200,000 people.


More that a theorist, she has put her insight and methods to the test over and over in real-life business situations. They are easy to implement. They work. And when combined, they create a concrete road map employees can use to triumph over obstacles in their work and achieve their goals.

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